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Short Term Rehabilitation Services For Seniors

Short Term Rehab

Short Term Rehabilitation Facility

Our expert staff and therapists have years of combined experience in various short term rehab treatment areas for post-acute care. At Hancock Hall, we believe in using a fully customized approach tailored to each patient. Our goal is for our patients and their families to have peace of mind in knowing they are getting the best short term rehab service in the Greater Danbury area.

Each member of our short term rehab team works together with our nursing staff and area physicians. Together, they develop a tailored program to meet patients’ personal and medical needs. Services include physical, occupational and speech/language therapy.

Our programs are designed to support, encourage, and give confidence to each patient as they work towards independence with the goal of returning home.

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The Hancock Hall Way

  • Individually tailored Physical Therapy programs to improve mobility
  • Occupational Therapy retrains patients in self-care skills promoting self-reliance and independence
  • Skilled therapists provide specialized post-operative orthopedic care
  • Highly trained Speech Therapists aid in the restoration of communication and feeding skills
  • A unique caring and supportive environment seeks to help each individual achieve an optimal level of overall independence
  • Highly coordinated holistic care leads to successful recovery
  • Patients are guided through a comprehensive program toward optimal self-reliance and safety

On-Site Short Term Rehab Team

At our short term rehab facility, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy are available on-site 7 days a week. Our team of professional short-term rehab therapists create a personalized care plan. Each plan uses your physician’s orders to help you accomplish your goals and let you get back to living your best life.

  • State of the art Medicare-certified facilities
  • 24-hour skilled nursing care
  • Highly trained, experienced and consistent staff
  • Exceptionally supportive, compassionate, family-like atmosphere
  • Comfortable surroundings and on-site amenities
  • Recreational activities optimize quality of life and provide opportunities for stimulation and personal growth

Short Term Rehab Services

Physical Therapy

Improving Mobility and Managing Pain

If you are suffering from a physical impairment, our on-site physical therapists will  treat you by increasing mobility, aligning bones and joints, and lessening pain. Each patient receives a customized strengthening and conditioning plan. Our goal is to help you feel back to normal with a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

  • State-of-the-art techniques to improve function and ease pain.
  • Customized strengthening and conditioning plans
  • Balance and ambulation training simulated to your home environment

Speech Therapy

Restoring Communication

We help our patients restore communication by using state-of-the-art recovery methods.

  • Training with strategies to improve all forms of expression
  • Specialized training for swallowing concerns
  • Training in alternative communication techniques

Occupational Therapy

Promoting Independence 

At Hancock Hall, we have occupational therapists ready to help you get back to living a full, engaging life. We promote independence and recommend adaptive equipment for assisted living.

  • Adaptive equipment recommendations for home living
  • Techniques designed to restore independence and improve skills
  • Balance and mobility training designed for daily living activities
  • Customized endurance and strengthening plans

Why Choose Hancock Hall As A Short Term Rehabilitation Center?

Hancock Hall is a skilled short term rehabilitation center in Danbury, CT. Our staff is devoted to providing our patients with a homelike, safe environment designed to improve their quality of life. 

We start planning for discharge upon admission by creating personalized treatment plans to provide the best health care for each patient. Our 24-hour skilled nursing team provides the care and attention needed to maximize recovery.

Patients benefit from the most advanced techniques and equipment plus individual attention from highly skilled and nurturing therapists.  The focus is on each patient’s strength, mobility and functional abilities in an atmosphere of encouragement and compassion. Each patient’s program of care is customized according to his or her particular needs. This helps achieve the best possible outcome and improve each patient’s quality of life.

What Do Patients Have To Say About Our Rehabilitation Programs?

“My husband needed skilled nursing rehabilitation services. Hancock Hall fulfilled his needs and surpassed our expectations. The staff was friendly, professional and patient. The Therapeutic Team was amazing and had my husband’s mobility back. He was able to get home sooner than anticipated. There was not one person on the milieu team that was not receptive to our needs and accommodating my husband’s required needs to get home. Services needed at home were arranged before we got home.”

– LeAnn O.

“The staff is very attentive and you get the best of care. Physical therapy and occupational therapy has successfully made me confident in what I needed to learn. I have been here a couple of times for short term rehab but, if I had to stay long term this would be the place I would choose!”

– Carole S.

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