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Recognizing the Signs it’s Time For a Nursing Home

recognizing the signs for a nursing home

Recognizing the Signs it’s Time For a Nursing Home

Getting older is a fact of life, but we can all age quite differently. Not everyone who is older or elderly will need to have the support and care that is offered by living in a nursing home. In fact, if you make the decision to move them too quickly, then it could cause some tension or problems in your relationship. However, if your loved one is getting older and you’re thinking that they may benefit from additional support and help, then it is best to know what signs to look out for. There are some signs that you should be aware of, that can indicate that independent living could become more and more of a challenge for your loved one.

Being in a nursing home can give them a whole new lease of life, as there will be constant care and support that they wouldn’t get living alone. Family and friends may not live close enough to offer daily care or support that they would need, which is why a nursing home should be considered. If you are looking for a nursing home in Danbury, Connecticut, then Hancock Hall should be your first point of call.

With all of that in mind, here are some warning signs or indicators that it is time for them to go to a nursing home.

Falls or physical injuries

Simple tasks can become more difficult as someone gets older. There can be more risks associated with something like cooking or cleaning, especially if your loved one trips and falls over more. They may suffer falls when they’re on their own, or they might start to conceal some bruises or burns. If this happens, then it could be time to think about utilizing the safe space that a nursing home can provide.

Increased phone calls

Are you experiencing more and more phone calls from your loved one? Do they call you, often at night, confused or anxious? This is more often than not, a telltale sign that they are not coping well alone, as well as being an indicator of something like dementia. Things like increased agitation or confusion can be a hard thing for caregivers to deal with. However, in the respite of a nursing home, experienced and trained professionals will know how best to help.

Increase in medication

If you visit your loved one and notice that there is a lot of medication that is piling up, then this is a big red flag. When they are forgetting to take the medication that they need, or just refusing to take it, then it can lead to some serious issues. Being in a nursing home will mean that there is a team around them who will be on-hand at all times to check they are taking medication.

Decline in personal hygiene

There can be a number of things that you can notice as you visit your loved one. Are they changing their clothes and getting ready each day, or are they wearing the same things and not taking the basic steps to shower and clean? There could also be some issues that occur with incontinence, that may not be getting dealt with or cleaned up. If this is an obvious issue, then seeking help is a must. With care around the clock in a nursing home, this can be avoided.

Change in eating habits

If your loved one lives by themself, are they getting meals that are full of nutrition? Do they rarely cook anymore and rely on things like takeout food or ready to microwave meals? If they are not able to cook for themselves any longer, and aren’t eating good food throughout the day, then it can be an indicator that they need help. If you want to look for clues around this, checking their refrigerator and cupboards is a good idea, as well as their trash. A nursing home will plan and prepare food for them, giving them the nutrition that they need.

It can be a difficult decision, and hard to know for sure when the right time is for a loved one to go into a nursing home. But if you have noticed any of these indicators, then planning ahead and discussing nursing homes with them is the right step to take. If you want to talk to our team of friendly experts about nursing homes, and about Hancock Hall specifically, then get in touch with us today. We are here to help and are here to listen.

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