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Meet Pam Sheppered Katra and Kelly Sullivan

Pam Sheppered Katra and Kelly Sullivan

Meet two members of our Social Work team, Pam and Kelly! Here are a few words from each.

“My name is Pam Shepperd Katra. I got my Master’s of Social Work degree at Fordham University in Westchester. I’ve always worked in Long Term Care and have been at Hancock Hall for more than 10 years. The way I see Social Work is that whether I’m here or not, people are going to encounter challenges. Working here I have the opportunity to help people navigate those challenges and find some peace. Working through the pandemic, certainly brought to light what is important. When our residents couldn’t see their own families, we became their family. That’s something I hope we never go through again, so I really encourage everyone to get vaccinated. There’s always more Social Work to do.”

– Pam Shepperd Katra, LCSW

“My name is Kelly Sullivan, I graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Working at Hancock Hall for the past 3 years has been incredibly rewarding. We have the most caring, supportive staff ready to help families navigate care for their loved ones. ”

– Kelly Sullivan, BSW

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