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Admission To Hancock Hall

Our simplified admissions process is designed to make the transition as easy as possible for both the patient and the family.  We will meet with you at your convenience to tour the facility and provide you with the documents required for admission.

Please call our Admissions Department for further information at 203.794.9466, or you can submit your information on the Contact Us page of our website, and we will call you promptly to discuss your current health care needs.

Documentation that will be required during the process will include:

  • Admissions application
  • ASCEND Screening Release of Information
  • Copy of medical records sent confidentially from the patient’s physician

We have received some inquiries regarding applying for admission at Hancock Hall and Filosa. The admission staff was kind enough to answer some of our questions. We hope you find this helpful!

director of admissions

Kayla Todd

Director of Admissions

Common Questions About Admissions

How does a potential patient apply?

The best way to apply is to come visit us.  First impressions and gut instinct are important parts of this process.  If Hancock Hall or Filosa seem like a good choice for your loved one, then the application comes next.  The application itself is painless to fill out, only 2 pages reviewing health (diagnoses, medications) and financial information (insurance coverage, etc.).  If at any time an applicant has questions, we’re here to help.

Do you need to be a Connecticut resident?

No, the applicant doesn’t need to be a Connecticut resident. We work with families as best we can to assist with a transfer from out of State. With respect to Medicaid, the individual must have Connecticut Medicaid to be considered for placement in our facilities.

How is Short-Term Rehabilitation or Long-Term Care paid for?

Short-term rehabilitation or outpatient therapy is an insurance benefit that is paid for by most insurances. At Hancock Hall we participate with Medicare and most major commercial insurances to meet your rehabilitation needs. Long-term care is paid by means of private funds, long-term care insurance, or the Connecticut Medicaid (Title 19) program if eligible.

Do you offer tours and/or info sessions for those considering admission?

Yes, tours are scheduled upon request and set-up at the convenience of the applicant and their family. Additionally, we would encourage you to just drop by for a tour.  It may be helpful to visit our website prior to your visit and/or have a set of questions ready to ask at the time of your visit.

How long is the average stay of one of your patients?

Length of stay depends on the reason for the admission.  For short-term rehabilitation directly from the hospital, the average stay is about 10-12 days.  For long-term care, Hancock Hall and Filosa become home.  Residents will stay with us for however long they benefit from our care and surroundings. 

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, there are waiting lists for long-term care applicants for both Hancock Hall and Filosa.  However, we never want this to discourage people from filling out an application.  Even if there are a number of names on the waiting list, remember not all applicants will be ready for placement at the same time you are.  We are often able to admit a new resident to long-term care much sooner than would be anticipated.    

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